May 6-8, 2017

The theme “Circle Up!” is compelling as we approach the 20th Anniversary of the Arts in Education program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. With this milestone it is exciting to think about the community of alumni we have built and the circle of which we are privileged to be a part. It is also critical to think about those not already a part of the circle and the ways we might welcome them into the conversation.

Continuing the Conversation was born out of the Arts in Education program but it is not exclusive to alumni of the program. It is a way for alumni to expand their circles, to reach out, and to look within, to further their work in arts in education. We aspire now to bring our overlapping circles into one large, inclusive circle representing the vast field of arts in education.

Join us this weekend in looking within our circle and outside of it to deeply examine our work. Then, let us continue this progress back at home, through CtC and in new, expanded circles. We have an incredible community through CtC. Let this weekend together truly be the start of a conversation we then continue and circle back to until our next large gathering.

Check out the program here!