THE I-NEED PROJECT, a celebration of Public Voices and Public Art!

Participate in the I-NEED project, developed and curated by Jennifer Ifil-Ryan, Deputy Director & Director of Creative Engagement at the Sugar Hill Children’s Museum of Art & Storytelling.

The I–NEED Project grew out of the work of The Forum for Social Action, an initiative of Urban Soul Alliance, a non-profit dedicated to using the arts as a tool for social justice, in direct response to racially fueled violence carried out by police forces in various locations throughout this country.

The goal of the I-NEED project is to activate and bring together the voices of the public in communicating what people need in the current political and social landscape.

Aiming to get to 1,000 voices, we are asking individuals from all walks of life to share their needs with the global world by completing the simple sentence, “I Need…”

The I-NEED project will develop into public art interventions, disrupting generalized thinking around those places and building a dialogue between place and people.