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Artists are often at the center of responding to inequality and as a result the arts in education field must hold space for these actions. When we respond to combat oppression we risk our professional, social and physical comforts, and as artists and educators, we have a responsibility to do so. James Baldwin said, “Artists are here to disturb the peace.” To better grapple with this timely assertion, we must ask, “how do we do that and how do we move the needle toward justice?” In the midst of school shootings and the overt injustice inflicted upon various groups, how do we address issues of safety and responsibility? The option to respond is no longer a choice; it is imperative to ensure progress in education and our society moving forward.

This summit will explore

  • What is our responsibility as artists and arts educators to address these issues?

  • What larger role can arts education play in responding to injustice to support the well-being of all learners?

  • How will our response impact the systems in which we operate, the spaces in which we work and learn, and our communities?

  • How do we maintain our own safety and practice self-care while responding to these injustices?

We will provide an exploratory and generative space for activism and liberating educational practices. Please join us as we come together to respond to our nation’s most pressing issues through the arts in education.

Click here for a list of resources to prepare you for the summit.